Thursday, April 25, 2013

We're back...for sure this time!

Whoa! being a parent is very time consuming.
I hardly thought about my little blog for awhile.
But lately- I've decided that I have some things I'd like to share.
So here we are.

My hubby has been travelling a lot lately.  Which means I haven't been cooking anything.  Nothing new. Nothing old.  At 4 pm, I starting thinking of bed time. Which means I get my Little Mister down (at 7pm sharp) and go to bed.  Maybe drink some tea wine, eat some cereal & literally climb into bed.

Since I have no new recipes to share, I thought I'd leave you with our typical morning in pictures.

We try to go to the gym around 4pm-ish.  But that doesn't always happen.
So I alternate Pure Barre & Fusion Yoga.  

We play.  Very early.  Mommy drinks coffee.  
Copious amounts of coffee.

Breakfast time.  
I can't say enough about this book.  Now that Brooks is eating 
regular foods- this books is awesome!

Little Mister naps. 
 Mama eats. 
Mama Showers

We play.

Thats it so far.  Enjoy your day!