Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing is happening in our kitchen...because it's summer!

Alright...why have I not been cooking??  I can probably come up with a thousand reasons...most of which I thought I'd show you in pictures.  Basically, it's the thick of golf season so we are on the go-go-go.  Summer in our house revolves around late night lessons, 18-hole (or 52-hole) days...and eating out, ALOT.  I find it very hard to cook for one, so usually I wait for my hubby to get home & collapse on the couch with a cocktail in hand before I say..."I didn't get anything for dinner."  To which he usually rolls his eyes, shakes his head and we head out to dinner.  Besides golf, I/we have been busy.  Just because golf is sucking the soul out of my hubby doesn't mean we can't fit in a little fun. 

So here it goes:

First up...let's talk Second Home in Cherry Creek.  Love this place for a few reasons.  #1 Some creepy old man is ALWAYS game for buying me a drink.  #2 They make an amazing Dill Pickle Martini (enough said.) #3 This place is a Cougar's playground.  I find it facinating to watch these women at work.  And lastly...our friends Tony & Drea invited us to this cooking class they hold monthly.  It was so fun.  Each month they have a theme: Mexican was the theme the night we went.  We had so much fun and it's only 10 bucks a person...can't beat that deal.
                                      Todd & T-bills

Next up...I tackled our pantry in the kitchen.  I became very lazy after our wedding...I just shoved everything onto the shelves.  It got so crazy in there...opening the doors was like taking your life in your hands. 



I don't have great pictures, and it's a work in progress but I'm working on turning our plain, empty basement guest bedroom into something more suitable for guests.  I'm really loving the gold/gray color combination right now, so that's been my inspiration.  Like I said it's a work in progress.  We painted the walls a light gray color.  I bought some bedding from West Elm.  I scored an AMAZING deal on that white trunk at The Paris Street Market...only $20.00.  I'm still working on adding some accessories.  And of course...that's our little Oliver making his blog debut (see below.)

Speaking of Oliver, he is our baby & basically holds down our fort.  He's had a busy summer as well.  Oliver's loves: Hubby being home.  Sleeping between us on his own pillow.  Chasing tennis balls.  His Maddie girl (the next door neighbor's dog- see below) Being in the mountains.  Getting dirty disgustingly dirty. Going to the park & riding in the basket of my bicycle. 

our little Oli bear

Oliver & his bestie...Maddie.  Maddie spent 2 weeks with us while her parents
were in Mongolia adopting their new little boy; Sawyer.

Oliver had a little injury this summer. 

Our happy, silly little dog...

No summer would be comlete without multiple trips to Vail/Edwards, Colorado & Cordillera.  We had a great time visiting great friends & golfing.

Next up...the Tiger's came to town.  Now this was a big deal in our house.  My hubby went to all 3 games (I went to 2.)  Apparently the Tiger's only play the Rockies once every 3 years.  This particular weekend revolved around drinking, sleeping & baseball.

gosh, we look crazy...but you get the idea

I've had a few kitchen disasters...that cake, I can't even talk about it.  Personally, Martha Stewart makes the best curd of any kind.  Will NOT use any other recipe.  Period. 

Lastly, just this past week our friends Kirsten & Darren came to visit from Vail.  We all went to the Kenny Chesney concert.  We had really good seats...and monsonal-type weather.  It down-poured during the entire concert.  We were soaked to the bone.  Luckily, the music was really good, as was the company.  I think the situation was so crazy, years from now we'll still remember & laugh about all that rain.  (Note: I made it through the entire concert without was really hard, but I did it.)

our friends Kirsten & Darren
double layers of rain gear...
thank goodness for golf pro's & their rain attire

That's it my friends, our summer so far.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. LOVE! your picture's almost like being there! Miss you :( (August 17--YAY!)