Friday, September 2, 2011

Headed up to Aspen this weekend!

We are headed up to Aspen for the long Labor Day Weekend this afternoon!  This is quite a big deal in our house: my hubby recently resigned from his job & now has weekends off!  We've never been to Aspen before, so we're really excited.  We're going with our good friends Heather & Nate and Andrea & Tony. 
Some things that will be going on this weekend:
-Jazz Fest
-Wine drinking
-Riding bikes through town
-Zac Brown Band concert
-Enjoying good friends & good food
Since I don't have a recipe to share...I thought I'd share the comfy outfit I'll be wearing for the trip up.  I've got to get the last weekend of wearing white in!  I'll be sad to see my white shorts/skinny jeans go.  I'm not sure...I might rock they out for a bit after this weekend.  We'll have to see.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend My Friends!
headed up to Aspen this weekend!

Abercrombie fitch
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Bernardo sandals
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Hermes stainless steel watch
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Jennifer Meyer chain necklace
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Jennifer Meyer stud earrings
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Dogeared Jewels gold bracelet
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Ray-Ban ray ban shades
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  1. Love the outfit! You should join up with {long distance loving}'s Friday's Fancies!! Enjoy the weekend!!!