Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scrabble Tile Valentine's Day Cookies

Do we celebrate Valentine's Day around our house??  Sometimes- yes.  Sometimes- no.  I'd rather celebrate the fact that I have an amazing hubby, who is going to be a great daddy & who is an amazing friend...all year long.  We are going out tonight- but we are keeping it pretty low-key.  Just doing stuff that we'd normally do if we went out on a date.  Nothing extravagant- just how we like it :)

So before he left for Dallas on Sunday, he said...."how about we go out to dinner & I take you to buy some new clothes."  {Note: I've been pulling at my t-shirts CONSTANTLY for the past 2 weeks...darn growing belly.}  So that's the plan.  We are headed to Osteria Marco & to Motherhood Maternity!  Hot date night!  Osteria Marco is probably our most favorite restaurant in Denver...I'm excited!!  Motherhood Maternity...not so exciting.  Oh well :)

I was planning on making these cookies last night after I got home from work while I waited for my hubby's plane to land.  What was I thinking- after working 12 hours in an ER, I was going to make Scrabble/Valentine's Day cookies...crazy person!  Anyways, I laid on the couch watching the Bachelor and willing the splitting headache I had to go away. 

So my cookies wil look a little something like this:

photo/idea compliments of Bake at 350

Only with Todd & Kate...

I'll be using my mother's sugar cookie recipe. 
I'll post the recipe & pictures later! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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