Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The first month...what we're loving

It's amazing how life changes once you bring your little bundle home.  We love how much our baby has changed us- everything from our sleeping habits to the mountains of baby "stuff" we now have in our home.  Most of our gifts have gone un-used as of yet; but I thought I'd share some of our "1st month essentials" seeing that our little guy will be 1 month on Thursday!!

I am not exactly sure what these things are called.  A sleeper maybe?  Regardless, these make diaper changes, hands DOWN... 1,000 times easier (especially in the middle of the night.)

Summer Infant sponge bath mat.  Our baby HATES 2 things: being naked & getting a bath.  This absolutely, hands down makes everything easier. 

On the topic of bath time, we started using California Baby.  Although nothing is as sweet as a Johnson & Johnson smelling baby- after using the products twice; my baby's skin was flaking off.  And he really only smelled great for like a day.  So I did a lot of research & read a lot of reviews.  So far, so good.  His skin isn't as dry.  And the lotion (which claims to be "calming") smells really good.  My baby still screams during bath/lotion time though, so I'm not sure how calming it really is...oh well!

This little gem...oh, what I would do without it I am not completely sure.  This is how I have a cup of coffee, shower, fold laundry or sit and stare at the wall in complete exhaustion (just kidding...well, maybe not.)  The Snug-a-bunny bouncer is the best...he loves to sit in the bouncer & vibrate.  Yes, the seat vibrates.  He starts to cry when the vibration turns off.... I'm not sure what to make of that, but we're going with it for now. 

Gotta love Dr. Browns bottles & Mylicon gas drops.  A friend of mine is a pharmacist & made us a little "baby pharmacy kit" as a shower gift.  One night, on a whim I opened the box before making a Walgreen's trip (at like 11pm...we were desperate.)  These drops are great!  They are part of our nighttime routine. 

And lastly...

When we first brought our baby home, he loved to be swaddled at tight as he possibly could be. 

Within 1 week, this is how he started sleeping...

He only likes to be swaddled from the waist down...and he sleeps with his arms above his head.  So cute!

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